Thermal Sensor CSS-A12

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CSS-A12 Thermal Sensorhermalư

Easier communication which is connected to Kiosk USB port as a native COM port USB 1.1 2.0 Plug and Play

High precision non-contact temperature measurementsAlert interactive with existed access control system via RS485/WG interface

Pixel 16*4

FOV 60°x16°

Measuring Range 10- 40cm

Thermal Range 32 ~ 43°C

Thermal Accuracy ±0.5 °C

Resolution 0.1°C

Refresh Rate 4-6Hz

Operating Temperature 16°C ~ 35°C

Operating Humility 95%RH

Working Voltage USB 5V

Communication RS485/WG/USB COM 9600/N/8/1USB

Cable 1 Meter

Working current <100mA

Response time <300ms

Complies with RoHS regulations


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